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Customized sticks and bags


  From a practical packaging, with a weight meet consumption needs, they raise the lust of consumers, communities and cafes, hotels, restaurants.

SUCRERIE MAHMOUD EL ABED S.A is a dynamic company that specialises in the customisation, packaging and
distribution of sugars (white, brown, sweeteners) . The departmental structure of SUCRERIE MAHMOUD EL ABED S.A
is designed for total specialisation, which sets us apart from other packagers and
allows us to offer a comprehensive service from the design to the packaging. Our key asset is our large client portfolio.


R +D +I
Clearly, if no value is added to a product, there is no sales pitch, no reason for customers to by. So how do we improve
the product. Ever since the company was first set up, we have constantly asked ourselves this question as part of a cycle
of repetition that has allowed us to streamline processes, improve materials and incorporatemachinery to offer
ultimately a better quality product. A s a result, we currently have a strong portfolio of loyal direct customers and the
potential of this portfolio goes beyond the packaged sugar market. We have incorporated thevery latest flexo
technology, which together with our team of highly qualified professionalsallows us to offer exceptional printing quality
of up to 5 colours, on any medium: art paper, kraft paper polypropylene...


Customize your sugar sticks

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